Personal Growth Review Questions

Reviews are great because they allow you to look back on any specific time period.

And with the new year being so fresh, as it should, there’s no better time to dissect 2021 now that it’s behind us!

Today, I’ll guide you through my annual review process.

Whether you had a long goal list or none at all, the questions and tips found below will help you see where you are.


These checkups can take a while to complete, so make sure distractions are limited and your space is comfy.

Grab your favorite writing instruments, a nice candle, maybe something to sip on, and turn on a relaxing playlist.

Oh, and don’t forget to turn on your do not disturb.

They can wait.


The best part about assessing your personal goals is that you’re the only one who can determine what success is.

To get started, grab your goal list and create a template similar to the one below.

This will help you acknowledge what you were able to get done and what you worked on.

Even though you may not have completed certain goals, it’s still important to identify what progress you’ve made.

It’s way too easy to get caught up in what you “didn’t accomplish”.

So don’t forget to celebrate each milestone along the way!


These questions should help you form an idea of how you did overall.

Try to be honest with your answers so you’re able to have a realistic understanding of where you are.

That way, by the next blog post (it’s going to be all about effective goal setting), you will be up to speed!

Goal Check In

Which goals did I accomplish this year?
Which goals am I most proud of accomplishing? Why?
Did I celebrate my wins (big and/or small)?
What are some things I did to stay disciplined?
What are some things I did that prolonged the process or kept me from achieving goals?
Who supported me along the way? Did I express my gratitude?
Should I have been more specific with the goals I set?
Which goals do I want to continue working at in the next year?
What helped me reach my goals?
What approach do I want to take with goals in the next year (all gas, no brakes or mellow)?
Is there anything I would do differently to get better results?

The next group of questions will dive a little deeper.

Life Check In

What’s a big lesson I learned this past year? What did it teach me?
Where did my time go this year? (toward or away from the life I want to live)
What do I want to make room for?
Who/what do I need to prioritize?
How are my relationships with people?
How is my relationship with money?
How is my spiritual and mental health?
How is my physical health?
What lies am I believing about myself? What truths do I need to replace them with?
Who do I need to forgive?
Who/what is weighing me down?
How do the people around me make me feel?
What am I grateful for?
What’s something I want to stop doing in the next year?
What’s something I want to continue doing in the next year?
What’s something I want to start doing in the next year?
What qualities do I currently possess that make me love who I am?
What is something I’m really good at?
What is something I want to work on?
Am I proud of who I’ve become?
Do I like who I’m becoming?
How can I show up for myself more?
What can I appreciate about where I am in my journey?

Take all the time you need to process these questions.

Next week, we’ll take our review and turn what we reflected on into achievable goals.

By reflecting on multiple areas of your life you’re able to create a foundation for effective goal setting.


In the comments, let me know one thing you accomplished in 2021!

4 thoughts on “Personal Growth Review Questions

  1. 2021 was a very busy year for me!🙏
    Nevertheless, my year was wrapped up in sorting through mental fatigue and prioritizing when REST is Needed.

    • Point For You 🤔💭
    ❤️ Keep Journaling

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