The Not-So-Material-Girl Holiday Gift Guide

A few months ago I decided to opt out of Christmas. 

Well, at least the surface level, materialistic side of it.

Now hear me out, I love all the festivities.

Making lists and checking them twice is literally all I like to do. 

But this go around, I wasn’t interested in spending unnecessary money.

Cue the music…

*Might want to turn your volume down a bit 😉*

Yeah, none of that.

I really just wanted to get back to what Christmas time is really about: Jesus and being a cheerful giver.

And you can definitely do that without reaching in your pockets.


1. Be a servant.

We all need a little help every now and then.

Offer yours.

You don’t know how much pressure you can relieve, just by being on standby.

2. Be available.

Many people feel isolated during the holidays, which is why you should give the gift of time.

Arrange a special activity you and another person (or group of people) can enjoy.

And go all out!

Make it a big deal, because they’re a big deal.

By making them feel special, you’ll feel special too.

3. Be one and done.

Only worry about one person by playing Secret (or Dirty) Santa.

Multiple people can participate and you all get a gift.

The group decides on a spending limit, and boom, you’re done.

Simple, quick, and most of all, stress free.

We love that.

4. Be creative.

Now’s the time to hone in on your talents (or someone else’s).

Maybe you’re good at doing makeup, painting, writing, cooking, or even organizing.

Gift them that service or work of art!

And if you aren’t creative, there are lots of small business that are.

Find one, support, and give a gift that’s one of a kind.

5. Be flexible. 

Know that giving is not limited to the holidays.

Make sure you’re showing up for people throughout the year.

Whether you’re gifting from the heart or your wallet, what you feel is most important.

Make sure it’s love, peace, and joy this season.

Get creative, make memories, and cherish your loved ones.


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