Accomplish Every Goal You Set

If you’re all caught up from last week’s post, you’ll be ready use what you gathered in this one.

Once you’ve done your self assessment, you can effectively plan out your goals.

Today we’ll expand on goal setting, slice some pie, and schedule time to eat it too. 🥧

(This will make sense in a few scrolls, promise.)


A good way to effectively create goals is by using the SMART method.

It means to create goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time based.

The more you expand on your goals, the more likely you’ll follow through.

And that’s what we want!

Turn your goals into better ones.


So after you’ve created a few smart goals, divide and conquer.

Break down your goals into manageable tasks and let them serve as milestones as you make progress.

Think of your Better Goal as a delicious ✨pie.✨

Each slice represents the task you need to eat (or complete) in order to finish the pie (accomplish the goal).

Overall, the tasks represent the progress you’ve made.

And that means, these are small wins that you should celebrate along the way!

So even if you haven’t finished the whole pie (completed the goal), you can still see what you’ve taken a bite of (accomplished so far). 😉

Did I make you hungry?

My bad, seriously.


Now that you have your slices, figure out when and where you’re going to eat.

Input tasks into your calendar and set reminders to go off at specific times.

This will eliminate any room for excuses you may come up with.

You’ve already done the “work”.

All that there’s left to do is show up.


You’ll want to have regular times where you check in with your progress.

(especially for long term goals)

Choose the progress report frequency that best fits each one.

(Some may require more updates than others.)

Then, just like in grade school, you’ll have a progress report day.

Except, you’ll be the one to give yourself feedback!

Add the date in your calendar and create reminders when it’s time to check in.

Up to this point, we’ve evaluated our life and created a plan to eat pie. Yum. 🤣

Now, we can move on to the fun part:


Next week, I’ll show you how to turn your goals into visual reminders so you can kill them in the most graceful way possible.

Can’t wait!

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