Teeter Tottering

Two years ago today I launched this blog.

Writing has always and forever will be a part of who I am. It’s my freedom to express what’s on my heart. It’s helped me process the most complex emotions. It’s my voice when my mind can’t always calibrate what I want to say out of my mouth.

Sharing what I write has always felt like being on a seesaw. On one side, a strong desire to put my words out in the open (in person or online) and on the other a strong desire to keep it all to myself. And boy there is beauty in both.

I believe God puts us through seasons to share and not share. There’s been plenty of times where I felt ready to post again and then when I’d go to write a draft I’d be like—nope! And also times where he’s been like—nope! So I gave myself permission to just trust the process.

After a year of not posting, I think enough time has passed to the point it feels right to pick this up again. Ultimately, there’s so much power in the stories we share whether that be our for our own freedom or someone else’s.

When I was in my earlier blogging days, there were so many habits I had that just weren’t healthy. Trying to perfect every word, header style, SEO, picture size, font, color scheme.

Wondering who actually liked what I had to say. Beating myself up about not meeting deadlines and standard I created. A lot that I don’t plan on doing so much of going forward.

With that, I’m creating space for better routines, productive workflows, and more fun. Heavy on the last one. I promise not to bombard your feeds and inboxes with too many posts at once—I’ve learned that this is not my style.

I think I will be happy with my little corner of the internet being a subtle but FELT presence. Reaching the people it needs to. Becoming what it needs to. On its own time.

I’m super excited to be back doing what I do best and clicking “post” a bit more often (this blog is my baby).

Some of my previous posts are still published if you want to look back on my earlier work. Otherwise, you can link with me at my socials below and sign up for my newsletter to get new posts directly to your inbox.

Here’s to Endlessly 2.0 🥂✨

4 thoughts on “Teeter Tottering

  1. “Reaching the people it needs to. Becoming what it needs to. On its own time.”
    Wooh… FELT THAT 💗

    So excited for you & Endlessly Becoming.
    Keep creating. Keep writing. Keep posting whenever you feel called to. Your words make a difference.

    “Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. The harvest can either be flowers or weeds.” — William Wordsworth 🌱🪴🌷

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