25 Days of Gratitude Journaling + PROMPTS!

There’s no better time to be thankful than right now.

Something so simple, yet an afterthought in our daily lives.

Taking a few moments to acknowledge our blessings can do wonders for our mind, body, and soul.

And that’s exactly what I want to challenge you to do for the next few weeks.


Show up for 25 days and reflect on your life.

Give your mind a break from the comparing and complaining.

(Because, we all do it.)

And take note of all the little things.

hand holding white minimalistic candle labeled "gratitude" with black pens on a white surface in background.
(btw–I did not enjoy this scent)

The challenge will go on November 1st through Thanksgiving, but can be done anytime of year.

The idea is to form a habit that turns into a lifestyle.

So if you miss a day, pickup right where you left off the next.

Ways to Document

A lot of people don’t know this, but journaling can be done in many different ways.

Here are some options:

Pen & paper | Traditional notebooks with doodles, pictures, or words.

Alternative: use small pieces of paper and keep them in a jar or stickies to serve as visual reminders.

Digital notes | Pixelized version of traditional notebooks.

Voice memos | Recorded audio to go back and listen to.

Videos/pictures | Recorded images to go back and view.

4 picture collage with examples of traditional, photo, and audio journaling.


If you share any of your entries online, mention me @endlesslybecoming or use the hashtag #endlesslygrateful. 🪴

Let’s grow together…

Keep scrolling for a picture of the full list!

1. What can you give yourself credit for today?

2. Write about someone who’s made an impact on your life.

3. Describe a time someone came through when you needed it most.

4. List 3 good things that happened this year.

5. When do you feel most at peace?

6. Write about a meaningful interaction you had recently.

7. Reflect on a difficult season and how you made it through.

8. Describe a full day to yourself.

9. Write about something that makes your life easier.

10. Who/what do you often take for granted?

11. How can you be more intentional about your relationships?

12. What is/isn’t working for you in this season?

13. How does your favorite song/artist make you feel?

14. Reflect on the unexpected events that turned out for your good.

15. Write about something you’re passionate about.

16. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

17. What boundaries are you grateful to have in place?

18. Write about habits that have made you a better person.

19. What pain points can you use as motivation?

20. Create a list of things you want to be appreciated for.

21. List ways you can be a blessing to someone else this week.

22. How can you be more intentional with your time?

23. Write about an unexpected blessing you’ve received lately.

24. What makes life worth living?

25. This time next year, what decisions will you be glad you made?


List of gratitude journaling prompts with black text and pastel green background.
(or take a screenshot)


  • Don’t overthink it.
  • Dig deep with your answers. The more details, the better.
  • Set a timer if you wish or write until your heart feels satisfied.
  • Try incorporating journal time in your morning or night routine.

Both times of day usually stay the same and you’re most likely to stay consistent.

  • Set the mood by going outside, cuddling with a blanket, lighting a candle, or turning on your favorite playlist.
  • Have fun!

Are you up for the challenge?

It’s going to be good.

May these prompts highlight all the blessings in your life and grow you in the areas you need it most.

I’ll be sharing the prompts daily in my stories as well as on Pinterest, so make sure you’re following me (@endlesslybecoming).

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  1. Interesting‼️ Let’s see how this goes…
    Appreciate your suggestions💭
    I’ll except the challenge🙋‍♀️

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