3 People That Should Get a Planner

Let’s talk about the thing that will change. your. life!

Aside from aesthetics, planners (also known as calendars) can be a useful tool to help you become your best self.

They’re often filled with these beautiful spreads, trackers, and stickers. And the people that have them seem to have their life all together.

It can be very amusing, but you may be thinking like Sweet Brown…

At first, I did too. 

It can be overwhelming trying to follow the “rules” of planning, but allow me to let you in on a secret…there are none.

A planner’s main objective is to help you keep track of important things.

It’s literally designed so you can create space for the things you want to do or have committed to.

This is great for just about anyone, but especially if you fall under any of the three areas below.

The 3 people that need planners the most:

– The unorganized

– The overwhelmed

– The unmotivated

Mmmhm. Yeah, I’m coming for ya head today. But we’re going to get you together. K?


My journey with planners

Now it may surprise you, but I have not always been a planner girl.

When I first started using them on a regular basis, I was in college full time and working multiple jobs.

At that point, I really didn’t have a choice.

I needed to stay on top of my assignments, work schedules, and plans for extracurriculars.

(that I most likely ended up canceling so my introvert side could shine ✨).

But without a planner, I wouldn’t have been able to get my me time in.

And that’s just a recipe for disaster nobody wants to see or be around.

Planning has helped me in so many ways and to this day, I stick beside it.

Imma stick beside him

It’s one of those things where you get out, whatever you put in.

And I believe you can start making it worth your while, too.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into why planners would be beneficial for you.

The unorganized

Life is really too short to not make the most of each day. 

Being unorganized means you’re likely stressed and procrastinating in at least one area of your existence.

All I’m saying is, get your priorities in check. Time is so valuable. Fill it with things that make you feel good.

A planner will provide you with space to do that.

You’ll set yourself up for success by:

-Being proactive about your life
-Making better decisions with your time
-Creating a way to measure your growth
-Increasing your productivity and focus

For the overwhelmed

Stop trying to keep everything in your head.

Yeah, I know… but you run the risk of forgetting something. Or worse, someone.

Take that pressure off of you and put it on paper. You’ll relieve so much stress.

Color coded calendars have entered the chat…

You’ll set yourself up for success by:

-Creating a visual to reference
-Keeping track of multiple schedules 
-Not over scheduling yourself
-Prioritizing what’s most important to you

The unmotivated

When push comes to shove, we have to be our own motivators first.

Because at the end of the day, you’re most responsible for you.

If you aren’t inspired or seem to not follow through with goals you set, planners can be a way to get you excited about them.

And as my saying goes, we are all endlessly becoming and we should always want to create a better version of ourselves.

You set yourself up for success by:

-Setting goals you want to reach
-Tracking your progress over time
-Holding yourself accountable
-Pushing through when you want to give up

So, what’s next?

If you decide this is something you want to try, here are some next steps!

Choose a format

There are pros and cons to each, but I’d go with the one that’s going to be most functional. 

Choose contents

Decide if you want to combine or separate parts of your life. 


This can be as lowkey as you want. Figure out when you can check in with yourself during the month.

Grow into who you want to become

Once you start using a planner, you will start being intentional about your time, have a peace of mind, and crush the goals you set.

Remember, this is a tool to help you and if you put the work in, you’ll start to see the benefits!

Also, there is no right or wrong way so make it fun!


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