Play, Rest, Post.

Happy New Year!

I know it’s been a minute, but I needed a 

b r e a k 


It was hard for me to admit it to myself, but I’m glad I finally embraced it.

I didn’t want to announce, “hey, I’m not going to post for a while” because that’s not who I am.

I’m the do-what-I-gotta-do, return-when-I’m-ready, and explain-if-I-choose-to type of person.

But I still wanted to be honest about the why.

Which today, is a time where I’ll do just that.

The Other Side of Planning

I’m really good at being organized. 

That’s one of the reasons I love planners, calendars, lists, and all the things.

They are very helpful, but at the same time, limiting.

And the complete opposite of to-do is not-do.

I need time to do no thing(s).

That’s where I get a lot of my creativity and inspiration from.

Not working on blog stuff, running errands, or consumed in my full time job.

Shoot, not even doing my hair/nails… because it can still feel like work, even though I’m doing something for me.

And it’s important for me to put the same amount of energy, if not more, into playing and resting that I do into working.

To just BE, you know?

So since I’m comfortable with switching things up when I need to, that’s what I did.

I chose me. 

Marrying the Two

That was one of the biggest themes of my 2021.

Marrying rest and work. 

And I started being intentional about the two after reading Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.

(great read, btw)

I really think it boils down to choices.

There are so many we make on a daily basis.

And in the coming year, I want to continue to make the right choices for me.

I encourage you to do the same.

Thank You

I have some exciting things planned for Endlessly Becoming this year.

But first, thank you so much for your endless support and encouraging messages from last year.

All of the story shares on insta, fb shares, comments, and private messages.

I really appreciate it because sometimes I do question “why?” an endless amount of times.

Your love really comes through, right when I need it most!

I’m reminded that I’m still learning and to give myself grace in the process…

That there really is so much time and room for me to grow…

That I have people in my corner…

So, thank YOU!

Posts and Videos

New posts will go live midweek, starting January 4th.

As much as I try to avoid working on Sundays, I end up doing something 90% of the time.

And as mentioned above, I want to continue to do what works best for my lifestyle.

New videos will go live the second part of the week.

It might take me a minute to get my groove, but I’m looking forward to being more consistent on the ‘Tube.

You can subscribe here.

With that, I want to wish you a Blessed New Year ahead!

See you soon. ✨

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