Hey, It’s May!

The first of the month, or the beginning of anything, represents a fresh start for me and I live for a blank page. *wink*

Major holidays are all in the queue and I’m sure you’re ready to get some sun and have some fun. Honey, we are OUTSIDE! Okay!? But before we get started with all the summer shenanigans, I think it’s important to take a moment, reflect, and prepare for everything to come. And no, I don’t mean getting physically prepared, because you will not find any secrets on how to lose a few pounds here. I’m talking about getting mentally and emotionally prepared.

May’s blog posts will be centered around wellness and simplicity. I thought it would be a good idea to write about this since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. In the weeks to come I’ll talk about simplifying complicated relationships, reducing clutter in your home, tackling busy schedules, and cleaning up your phone so that you can flourish this summer and beyond.

Stay tuned!


I shared a little about my upbringing a couple of weeks ago, and that’s where my journey with mental health began. My childhood was traumatic. I dealt with sexual abuse by a family member and I grew up with an emotionally unavailable mom.

Eventually, I began researching about everything I was experiencing with my mom and that led to learning more about the importance of mental health. I realized what I went through wasn’t my fault. I was just an effect to the cause, not the actual cause.

After this, I knew all I wanted was to be a happy, healthy, and whole individual, so I took the steps to become that.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned on this journey is focusing on what I can control. Me. Although my trauma was not my fault, it is my responsibility to choose how I let it affect the rest of my life.

With all the chaos I experienced, I then came to realize all I wanted was simplicity. I stopped keeping up with the trends. I stopped buying so many unnecessary things. I stopped putting up with people and things that I didn’t have to.

I began to put my needs first, say no, set boundaries, check in with myself regularly, and rest. Unapologetically. I’ll expand on this in the coming months.

Show up for yourself this week. Listen to your favorite song 500 times, reschedule a dinner with a friend to rest, uninstall your social media apps. Do whatever you need to do, to take care of you. 💗


I’m a 24 year old who is passionate about personal growth, intentional living, and spreading light wherever, whenever.

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