Becoming Dangerous

I launched my Youtube channel and I’m so proud of me!

If you haven’t already, S U B S C R I B E !

And share the link with your mom, your sister, brother, cousins, friends–everybody.

( Thank you in advance for supporting me! 💖 )

Listen, if you needed a reminder to start that thing you’ve been sitting on, THIS IS IT.

So as mentioned in the video, I already had plans to start a youtube channel.

I was going to wait until I fully knew the ins ands and outs of blogging.

I was going to wait until I bought a ring light.

I was going to wait for Santa Claus to come to town.

Yeah… I was going to be waiting a good minute.


I said, you know what… let me just go ahead and get the ball rolling.

I realized the longer I kept putting it off, the longer I was going to be delaying my growth and possibly someone else’s.

And we can’t afford that.

So I did the thing. A thing that scared me.


All I want is to be is dangerously me.

I don’t want to live in shame, fear, or regret.

I want to embrace who I am, with full grace, and go for everything I deserve.

Persevering, leaving my mark, and living as boldly as I can.

So, this is your invitation.

Thinking that you have the time to keep procrastinating with whatever it is you’ve been sitting on, is only showing how you aren’t disciplined.

I’m telling you, time is too valuable to keep disrespecting it.

Buckle down.

Make the adjustments.

Get to work.

The world is waiting for you to unleash your greatness, so that they in turn, can do the same.

All you have is all you need, I promise.

Now, go get it! 💖


I’m a 24 year old who is passionate about personal growth, intentional living, and spreading light wherever, whenever.

5 thoughts on “Becoming Dangerous

  1. You Awesome Chick‼️
    You have lit my fire… 🤔💭
    I’ve sat on a Barrage of ideas for years.
    Love your YouTube Channel and your Blog
    Thx U🙋‍♀️❤️

  2. So needed. Thank you for always uplifting us with your words and actions. Reading this motivates me in many ways 🤍🌿🌱

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